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Conservatory and Orangery Style 2019

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What makes the perfect conservatory or orangery? Is it the use of premium quality materials, the creation of an elegant space filled with natural light or the individual way you design the interior? One of today’s key trends is to express your personal sense of style, designing your conservatory exactly the way you want it and making it your own. With a range of bespoke orangery and conservatory styles to choose from, you’re sure to discover the one that’s right for you. We take a look at the latest innovations in conservatory and orangery design for 2019 as well as the top trends in interior decor. 

Luxury and Elegance with High-Quality Materials

• The Opulence of Real Wood 

Bespoke orangeries and conservatories can be constructed from a range of materials including uPVC, aluminium and glass and your choice of material will depend on your personal taste and budget. Think about contemporary design and you tend to think about metal and glass constructions, but with the natural look high on the agenda, high-quality, sustainable hardwood is the ideal way to create an elegant and luxurious space for relaxing or entertaining. With proper maintenance, a hardwood conservatory can last even longer than its counterparts in uPVC or aluminium. All our top-grade hardwoods are carefully selected and include natural oak, Sapele mahogany and long lasting Accoya wood, a branded timber that has been specially treated to make it extremely durable and rot resistant. 

• The Latest Innovations in Glass Technology 

High-performance glass offers endless design possibilities. In the past, conservatories were usually closed off from the rest of the house to prevent heat loss in cold weather, but the latest thermally efficient glass allows you to create an extension that is a seamless extension of your living space. Self-cleaning glass is ideal for a glass roof or lantern while solar controlled glass reduces glare and heat, making your orangery an attractive space to relax during a hot summer. Choose a dark shade of glass in a strongly lit situation or blue tinted glass for a visually appealing glass roof. 


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2019's Interior Trends

• Muted Tones

Capture the rustic charm of naturally weathered surfaces with the latest trend for soft, “washed” colours. Moving away from the cool greys that have been in so popular in recent years. This year's neutrals offer a warm and sophisticated palette that is perfect for a garden room. Invite the outdoors inside by teaming muted, earthy tones such as Spiced Honey, Dulux’s colour of the year, with a subtle sage green: pump up the green with luscious houseplants.

• Soft Pink-Nude Hues 

Gentle blushing shades take centre stage this season as designers turn to the seashell tones of soft neutral pinks and nudes. Use as a refreshing contrast to on-trend darker hues: pale shades are the perfect complement to a dark grey conservatory or a design in natural oak, creating warm, relaxing interior spaces. 

• True Blues 

Blue is definitely one of the season's hottest interior trends and is seen everywhere from kitchens and bathrooms to orangeries and garden rooms. The colour of the year at Graham & Brown is Kiru, a gloriously deep teal blue. Create a flamboyant, luxe atmosphere with deep marine blue or navy blue - use paint and wallpaper in toning shades and highlight with touches of gold for a harmonious effect. 

The Latest Flooring Options

Customers today are using their conservatory or orangery as an integral part of their home all year round and this means heating is a key consideration. Underfloor heating is an increasingly popular option and is an energy efficient and invisible way to generate welcoming warmth. Choose between wet (warm water) or electric systems. Because the heat gently diffuses upwards, it’s important to choose flooring that does not block it from rising: tiles are very suitable, and you can add a rug or two for colour and texture. 

• If you’re planning an extension to create a spacious kitchen diner, adding oak flooring throughout will unify the space. The light golden tones will enhance the natural light beautifully and will complement any colour scheme, from pale neutrals to rich darks or soft pastels. 

• To capture a rustic look, grey flagstone tiles are a perfect choice. The subtle polish of light grey tiles will reflect the light flooding in. If you have opted for a white or light-coloured conservatory, a dark slate grey floor looks very chic and makes a stunning backdrop to show off light coloured furnishings and accessories.

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