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9 Tips for Bringing the Outside In

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Many interior designers draw inspiration from nature and there are many ways of subtly bringing the outside world into your home to create a tranquil, harmonious atmosphere. Read on to discover our designers’ top tips:

• Fluid Flooring

Seamless flooring that bridges the gap between your indoor spaces and your garden is a great way to feel more connected to the outdoors. Flagstones are a good flooring choice for a conservatory and patio or choose from a vast range of stone and wood effect tiles. If you love the natural warmth of wood floors, you’ll probably find that you need to choose different types for the exterior and inside spaces. However, you can achieve visual harmony by ensuring that the planks all run in the same direction and lead the eye effortlessly out to the garden.


• Let there be Light with Large Windows

Indoor-outdoor living is all about making the most of natural light and fresh air: as well as attracting plenty of daylight, oversized windows allow you to make the most of your outside view. Whether you want to admire a beautiful garden or dream of bringing a wider landscape view into your home, Bergson & Eaton have windows in styles to suit every situation.


• Opt for the Rustic Look with Natural Materials

Using natural materials is an easy way to invite a feeling of the great outdoors into your home the warmth and texture of wood, leather, rattan and wicker are a great way to create a cosy retreat with a rustic ambience and pair beautifully with the colours of the natural world.


• Go Green with Plants and Foliage

Conservatories and orangeries originally housed plant collections and showed them off at their best: one of today’s key trends is the lavish use of green plants, a very simple way to bring the outside indoors. Group plants in clusters, make a statement with a large focal plant or try the latest fashion for a living wall composed entirely of verdant foliage, ferns and mosses.


• The Timeless look of Exposed Brickwork

Over the last few years, we have seen a growing taste for the old-world charm and character of exposed brickwork. A richly coloured brick wall that matches the exterior of the house is a favourite trend with architects and homeowners alike and is a sophisticated way of linking outside with the indoor space while showing the history of the building.

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• Motifs inspired by the Natural Environment

Use driftwood, shells and pebbles for a seaside house or polished wood, wool throws and subtle hues for a country retreat. Add accent pieces such as wicker baskets, large pottery jars and wool throws. Capture a tropical theme with soft furnishings in a leafy print or bring a dash of glamour to any setting with a suede ottoman or cushions.


• A World of Natural Colours

Some colours boost our well-being because we associate them with nature. Sea blues creates a calm and invigorating ambience while cool greens are the perfect background for a plant collection. The rich tawny golds and browns of autumn woods are also reminiscent of the African savannahs and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Use shades of a single colour or imitate Mother Nature by blending all of them together.


• Get Creative with Concrete

Concrete exudes minimalistic chic and has become the material of choice for many designers: it is a stylish and practical way to link your outside space with the interior. Available in both warm and cool shades of grey, concrete appeals to our love of understated neutrals while tapping into the current trend for raw finishes.


• Bring the Inside Out

Quite literally! You can create a smooth transition between your garden and your home by thinking outside the box and using the same decorative theme in each space. Use similar lighting, garden furniture, rugs and cushions to repeat your interior decor in your garden or patio.

Give your home the natural edge by channelling the natural environment and bringing the outside in. If you live by the sea, go for ocean blue shades and marine-inspired art, if you have a lovely countryside view, choose rich natural shades and rustic textures, if you live near woodland, opt for rich greens and leafy motifs. And if you live in town? All the more reason to incorporate your favourite natural elements into a relaxing retreat.

Have we inspired you to bring the outside in? At Bergson & Eaton, we have a wealth of experience in designing and installing elegant high-quality conservatories: for more information, please contact our expert in-house team on 03336 007 007 or complete the online form below.

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