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Bring Light into your Home this Winter

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The number one 'must-have' feature that people look for when buying a family home are rooms that are flooded with natural light; sun rays shining through your windows not only bring essential Vitamin D, they also instantly lift your spirits. Natural light also creates a more spacious feeling and a positive, vibrant atmosphere throughout the home. Whether you live in a period terraced property that comes with a dark hall and staircase or a modern house with dull, north facing rooms, there are many ways to enhance the amount of natural light your home receives. 

Get clever with paint

Dark shades of indigo, grey and forest green may be fashionable for a feature wall or the whole room, but they also absorb light, making your home feel darker and smaller. Banish sombre hues in favour of subtle shades of white: brilliant white may be the brightest white but can also make rooms feel cold. Save your brightest white for the ceiling, as a ceiling painted a couple of shades lighter than the walls brightens the room and gives the illusion of more space. For the walls, opt instead for ivory or an off-white, depending on the rest of your decor. Using a satin finish paint rather than a matt emulsion also helps to bounce reflected light off the walls: as a bonus, it’s also hard wearing, so is ideal for high traffic areas such as the hallway. 

Go glossy

Glossy, polished surfaces reflect light back into the room and this is why gloss finish is an evergreen favourite for kitchens. Choose white gloss cupboards and a light-toned worktop to make your kitchen feel bright and airy. In living areas and bedrooms, capture dazzling points of light with shiny, glassy objects such as chandeliers, mirror tiles, silver photo frames and metal door handles: light is bounced back and forth, drawing the eye around the room. Mirrors are traditionally used to create a light, spacious feel in dark hallways and landings: add a dash of vintage style to any room with mirrored furniture or try placing a pair of large mirrors at either end of a dull room to create intriguing, light-filled perspectives that seem to disappear into infinity. 

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Ditch dark furnishings

Nothing drains light from a room as effectively as dark, heavy furniture, especially if it is blocking any available light from a window or door. Replace dark cabinets and tables with pieces in lighter wood, glass or natural materials such as wicker or bamboo and replace dark carpets with light-toned flooring, whether traditional wooden flooring in light oak or ash, tiles or a pale carpet. Light and airy window treatments are another easy way to bring more light into a room: heavy dark curtains block much of the natural light from your home. Neat blinds are a modern solution that maximises light, allowing privacy when needed yet rolling or folding away neatly when not in use. If you prefer the softer look of curtains, opt for lightweight cottons or draped voiles that let the light shine through. 

Add new windows

If the budget allows and you are prepared to put up with the mess and disruption, one of the best ways to brighten your home is to install new windows and there are endless possibilities to suit all styles of architecture. A very common place for new windows is in a kitchen/dining room: consider adding a window to either side of an existing one to flood the room with sunlight. Hallways, staircases and landings are often dark and sunless spots so if your exterior walls permit, why not add a new window here? In bedrooms and living areas, maximise the light and make the most of a view by replacing windows in your living space with floor to ceiling glass panels. Doors with glass panels are stylish options that bring in light: go for frosted glass if privacy is an issue. 

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