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Broken Door - Repair or Replace?

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Entrance doors have to withstand a lot: they are not only in constant use as we go in and out, but they also have to protect us from unwanted intruders. So how do you decide when it’s better to repair a broken door or whether it’s time to replace it? Both front and back doors can become damaged by weather: rain, freezing temperatures and sunny days will all eventually take their toll, leaving your door warped, draughty and insecure. Rot is another common problem in wood doors that have not been properly maintained. If the problem is a minor cosmetic issue such as a scuff or scratch, then a coat of paint will be sufficient to restore its appearance but if the door is structurally weakened then it’s almost certainly time to replace it with a stylish, secure new one. Here, we take a look at some of the ways in which a door can become damaged together with some handy DIY tips on wooden door repairs:

Loose door hinges

Loose door hinges are a very common problem on wood doors. Typically, they occur where an object has been trapped between the door and the frame and someone has tried to force the door shut. The excess force created pulls the hinges loose from the wood. This type of damage is also seen where someone is trying to force entry into your home. It is possible to repair loosened door hinges by unscrewing them and removing the door from the frame. The frame itself can then be repaired by gouging out the damaged wood and glueing in new replacement pieces. The hinges can be screwed back on and the door re-hung. However, wooden door repairs are not always straightforward and it’s important to note that a door that has been damaged and repaired in this way will never be as strong as it originally was. If break-ins are an issue in your location, you might want to consider a new door with the latest security features. 

Dents and rot

If your door has a dent where someone has kicked it open rather than using the door handle, it’s often a sign that the wood has become weakened due to weather damage. When a wood door is not painted or varnished regularly, moisture can seep into tiny cracks and will eventually cause the door to rot. Small areas of rotten wood can be scraped out and filled and the door can then be sanded down and repainted. It is advisable to inspect the rest of the door thoroughly as if one area has become rotten, there are may well be other hidden areas of damage that can lead to problems in the future. 


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Shrunken or swollen door

This problem is also caused by moisture getting into the wood and can lead to a badly fitting door that is hard to close or one that lets draughts and cold air into your home. Remove the door from its hinges, plane it and sand it down so that it fits properly, allow it dry out thoroughly and then repaint it. If this sounds like quite a lot of hard work, it’s probably time to think about replacing it with a beautiful new exterior door from our range. 


Double glazed front or back doors are designed with glass panels to allow light into a hallway or porch. Over time, the seals on these glass panels may perish and condensation will begin to form inside between the layers of glass, giving a misted effect. Typically, double glazing lasts for many years, so by the time a double glazed panel becomes misted or “blown”, the door itself is probably going to be looking a bit tired and dated. It’s possible for the skilled DIY- er to repair or replace a double glazed panel but unless you have FENSA certification, there could be a problem when you want to sell the property. If you see this type of damage, it’s wisest to invest in a stylish new door. 

Security and peace of mind

Your doors are not only the first thing noticed by visitors to your home but they are also your defence against unwanted intruders: the safety and security of your loved ones are paramount. This is the reason that except in the case of minor damage that can be corrected with a coat of paint, it’s recommended that installing a new front door is advisable. Take a look at our range of replacement doors in styles to suit any type of property. Our bespoke designs are available in a vast range of colours and finishes and come fitted with high-quality locks and other security features for your peace of mind.

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