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How to keep your conservatory and orangery in great condition

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Enjoy bright mornings, sunny afternoons and relaxing candlelit evenings in your new conservatory when you follow our insider tips on keeping it in tip-top condition. 

There are many points to consider when maintaining your conservatory, from keeping the glass clean to ventilation and heating. This can seem a challenging task so to help you break it down, we’ve compiled a list of key tips for maintaining your conservatory. Building these simple maintenance tasks into your domestic routine will mean that you can enjoy this comfortable and stylish extension to your living space all year round. 

Essential maintenance tasks

Glass cleaning: 

Keeping the windows and roof sparkling clean and free of scratches is one of the main tasks involved in keeping your conservatory looking its best. If the conservatory roof is constructed from glass, it can be quite a demanding task. Pressure washers are not usually recommended as they can cause damage to the seals: these are designed to withstand rainfall rather than an intense blast of water under high pressure and you could run the risk of weakening them. 

You will need some basic equipment: 

• A ladder 
• A brush with a telescopic handle, ideally one that can be connected to a hosepipe 
• A sponge and bucket 
• Washing up detergent 

Standard double glazing: 

The glass used in standard double glazed units is susceptible to scratching so it is wise to remove your rings before cleaning it. Remove any heavy soiling on the outside with soapy water and a sponge or soft brush before rinsing and then finishing off with a good glass cleaner and polishing with a soft lint-free cloth. 

Self-cleaning glass: 

If you would prefer to keep cleaning to a minimum, self-cleaning glass is a popular option for bespoke conservatories and orangeries. This glass is manufactured with a special coating on the outside which harnesses the power of UV rays to break down particles of dirt so that they are washed away when it rains. The coating is an integral part of the glass but a certain level of care should be exercised when carrying out maintenance or cleaning tasks on any types of coated glazing. 

The more the coated glass is exposed to the sun and rain, the cleaner it will be. However, periods of heavy pollution or exceptionally dry weather may mean that you need to clean it on occasions. Clean water applied with soft, non-abrasive sponges or clothes should be sufficient to get it shining again, or you can also use a gentle proprietary glass cleaner if you prefer. Products containing silicone, bleach, or white spirit should be avoided. 


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Heating your conservatory:

If you intend to use your conservatory all year round, heating is essential during the colder months. You can add layers of cosiness with fleecy throws, rugs or a carpet while thick curtains are another effective way of keeping the warmth in. However, all this won’t be much help if your conservatory isn't heated efficiently. 

An oil filled radiator is an economical and effective way of heating a small conservatory. These radiators are great at storing heat, so they continue to warm the room long after you have switched them off. Timer settings offer complete control, so your conservatory is always warm and welcoming whatever the weather. 

For larger conservatories or orangeries, smart radiators are the clever choice, allowing you turn on the heating wherever you are via a smartphone app. The ceramic interior of these radiators heats up to your chosen temperature within 60 seconds, and then stores the heat, releasing it gradually over the next hour or so. This makes them a very economical way of heating your new living space and they will keep you cosy on even the chilliest days. 

Ventilating your conservatory:

In order to prevent it from getting too hot in summer and to avoid problems such as damp, mould and condensation, it’s essential to keep your conservatory well ventilated. Apart from opening the windows and doors whenever possible, you should also make sure that the trickle vents are kept open all the time and if the roof has a vent, it should also be left open. This will help to minimise any condensation and keep your conservatory at a comfortable temperature. 

Roof maintenance: 

Let’s not forget the roof: if you have a glass roof, it will need regular cleaning. You should never stand on a conservatory roof but a soft brush or sponge with a long handle will make quick work of this task. First, remove any loose dirt and debris and then wash the roof with soapy water before rinsing off with a gentle spray from a hosepipe. 

These simple tips will ensure that your conservatory will keep its good looks and be a warm and welcoming space for you, your family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

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