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Do you really get 30% off for your conservatory?

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Installing a bright, spacious and stylish conservatory or orangery is an excellent way of gaining more space, giving you room for entertaining, for a children’s playroom, for a home office or even for a gym. A well-designed conservatory not only opens up your home to the outside, creating a seamless transition to the garden, it also gives it a real wow factor. A high-quality conservatory can also increase the value of your property. Even better, in most cases, you won’t need to apply for planning permission for your extension as it counts as permitted development. There are a few exceptions: if your home is a listed building, if it is located in a conservation area, or if there is a restricted covenant regarding land use mentioned in the deeds, planning permission might be required. However, even in these instances, a planning permit is not always necessary as long as the conservatory is sympathetically designed.

At Bergson & Eaton, we have over 40 years’ expertise in designing, manufacturing and installing elegant orangeries and conservatories that complement every style of property. Whether you live in an old cottage, a modern house or need an extension to a commercial property, our bespoke design service will ensure that your extension suits both the architectural style of your house and blends with the surrounding environment. If planning permission should be required, there’s no need to stress as we can advise you and also take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.

How much can I expect to pay for a conservatory?

If you’re considering installing a conservatory, one of the first considerations is the cost. If you’ve been looking around to compare costs, you’ve probably come across tempting promotions from companies offering conservatories with discounts of 30% on their usual prices but it’s advisable to be wary: these offers are not all they seem and can be quite misleading.

Some less scrupulous companies often artificially inflate their prices before offering a “sale” so that it looks like customers are being offered a better deal. You might also be told that the discount is a reward for liking the company on Twitter or Facebook, letting them send you regular newsletters and updates or allowing the company to use photos of your conservatory in their publicity material. However, the promised savings are deceptive as in fact you will end up paying the price at which the conservatory would have originally been sold.

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Choose a well-established local company with an established reputation

At Bergson & Eaton, we are based in Aylesbury and specialise in bespoke conservatories for customers in the local area, as well as in towns and villages in the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on our reputation, which rests on our craftsmanship and on being honest and straightforward with our customers. Most of our clients come to us through personal recommendations and we offer the highest standards of materials, design and workmanship. While our bespoke conservatories and orangeries are second to none in quality, our prices compare favourably with those of the national companies. Rather than these deceptive discounts, we are offering a genuine 15% discount on all our conservatories and orangeries.

However, it’s not just about the price: when you’re choosing a company to install your conservatory, you need a firm you can trust to carry out the work smoothly and efficiently from start to finish. At Bergson & Eaton, our numerous customer testimonials give excellent feedback on our professionalism. To give you an idea of our range of expertise and the quality of our work, you can also browse our gallery of Customer Stories to see examples of some of our recent installations.

Make an appointment at our showroom

There are so many variations in styles, individual features, materials and finishes that it can be difficult to estimate exactly how much an orangery or conservatory will cost. For instance, a uPVC conservatory is likely to be less expensive than an aluminium or a hardwood one, but other factors such as the style, floor area, additional services such as plumbing and electrics and design features such as roof lanterns will also affect the overall cost. So, let us assist you bymaking an appointment to call into our Aylesbury showroom and have a chat with our friendly, expert team who will be delighted to advise you.

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