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Conservatory insulation: Too Hot in Summer? Too Cold In Winter?

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This scenario is may be too common to you. The sun is beating down and you'd like to relax in the comfort of your conservatory but the temperature inside it is heading towards 40+ degrees.

Due to thermally inefficient roof glass, sitting inside it can become unbearable even to the most hardened heat enthusiasts among us.


Unfortunately the scenario goes from one extreme to the other when the colder months come knocking on your doors and window panes - a conservatory which would keep the Christmas Turkey fresh and frozen from October until February.


How can this be solved? How can I enjoy my conservatory without the hassle of a complete overhaul?


Well you asked, and we listened!


We have devised two types of conservatory roof replacements that will , not only remedy the problems you are facing, but improve the overall aesthetic of your conservatory whilst keeping your bills down.


The lightweight tiled roof overcomes the previous issues many conservatories suffer from with being far too warm in summer and incredibly chilly come winter.

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As the name suggests this version of our two replacement roof systems offers a lightweight tiled finish, this allows it to seamlessly blend to the look and feel of your home. Essentially it transforms your existing structure to look more like an Orangery or, if you will, an Orangery / Conservatory hybrid.


The other option in our replacement roof range is the Insulated Replacement Conservatory Roof.


Similar to the aforementioned Tiled option, this offers a different aesthetic for those who don't want their conservatory roof to be tiled. It is quick to install so there is minimum fuss and hassle experienced during the replacement and in some cases they can be fixed in place within a few short days.


Here we have uploaded 2 videos (one of which you can view here- Insulated Replacement Roofs)  to highlight the subtle differences between the two structures utilising the latest drone camera technology to give you a fantastic viewpoint of the product, and the best possible angles to peruse, in order to help you make the right decision for you.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact on - 03336 007 007

Alternatively you can come and see them in at our grand showroom in Aylesbury;

Read more about conservatory insulation here.


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