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Will adding a conservatory or orangery increase your house value

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Creating more space by adding a conservatory or orangery to your home is one of the top home improvements made by UK homeowners, offering the potential to create a contemporary, light-filled and versatile space that can be used in an infinite number of ways. Whether you need room for entertaining,  a cosy retreat for relaxing or even a gym, a bespoke conservatory is a relatively quick and straightforward way to extend your home, creating an impressive amount of extra space without the expense and upheaval of a conventional extension.

However, as with all home improvements, the increase in value a conservatory brings to your property may depend on various factors. Here, we take a look at some points to consider when choosing a conservatory that will ensure that it is a very worthwhile investment. 

Invest in a high-quality conservatory 

Investing in a high quality conservatory or orangery will increase the value of your property whilst also setting  you apart from other homes if you do come to sell. Done correctly the new space can become the central hub of the property, providing additional natural light and creating an inviting area so many people crave. However, it’s essential that the conservatory is well built with high-quality materials. During the 1990s, conservatories were nearly all constructed with polycarbonate roofs, which often caused them to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter - and also meant that the noise of rain on the roof would drown out conversation or music. Modern high tech glass offers much better levels of insulation for both heat and noise so the conservatory is comfortable all year round. Even better, the glass is treated with a special coating that repels dirt, so you have a crystal clear view at all times without the chore of cleaning the glass. 

Achieve a balance between house and garden 

You should bear in mind that a lovely garden also adds significantly to the value of your property, so it is essential to achieve a balance between extending your space and maintaining an area of the garden in proportion to the house. The ideal design will allow you to make the most of your garden by bringing the outside in: a contemporary glass-walled conservatory will create a seamless transition between the house and garden. Using the same flooring for the terrace, conservatory and kitchen will enhance the effect. 

Choose a bespoke conservatory 

The aesthetic appeal of a conservatory is key to adding value to your property. Potential buyers will be impressed by a conservatory that complements the architectural style of your house and the best way to achieve this is to opt for a bespoke conservatory. Whether you prefer the ornate Victorian look, the classic simplicity of Edwardian designs or a streamlined modern conservatory, a skilled designer will be able to create a bespoke orangery or conservatory that chimes perfectly with the setting and which will transform the appearance of your house. The initial outlay will be larger than if you had chosen a one-size-fits-all option but the investment will increase the value of your home significantly. 

Is the conservatory fully guaranteed? 

While a well-designed and constructed conservatory will increase the appeal of your home to buyers, they may well want to know if it is guaranteed in case of any future problems. If something should go wrong, a conservatory can be expensive to repair so it’s important to choose the company carefully. At Bergson & Eaton, we provide comprehensive 10-year guarantees on all our conservatories and orangeries, covering the general workmanship, frame, roof and glazing, so you can enjoy your conservatory with complete peace of mind. 

A well designed bespoke conservatory will add value to your home but this depends very much on its quality and design. At Bergson & Eaton, we have a wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing high-quality orangeries and conservatories. Discover more about your options when choosing an orangery or conservatory by browsing our product pages or you are very welcome to call into our Aylesbury showroom, where you can look around a display of our latest conservatory designs.

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