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Conservatory Replacement Roofing

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There are many reasons why you might want to replace your conservatory roof. Perhaps you’re finding that your conservatory gets too hot or cold to be comfortable to use as often you would like. Your existing roof may have been badly installed and just isn’t doing its job properly. Or maybe you’d like to update an old conservatory or orangery without the expense and upheaval of installing a new one.

In recent years, there have been considerable advances in conservatory roof design and installing one of the latest replacement roofs offers a quick and easy solution to problems experienced by many conservatory owners. The benefits include better insulation, noise reduction and better temperature control, as well as the opportunity to give your conservatory a completely new look. In this blog, we’re going to look at the advantages of conservatory roof replacement in a bit more detail.

Insulation and temperature control

Older conservatories, in particular, are often underused as they can be chilly and expensive to heat in the winter while as soon as the sun comes out they become too hot to be comfortable. When conservatories first became a popular way for homeowners to add extra space to their properties, temperature control and insulation were rarely considered and the options that are available today had not yet been developed.

Factors that are not always taken into account when designing and installing a conservatory include the alignment of the structure to the direction of the sun, the qualifications and experience of the designer, and the quality of the materials. A replacement roof offers excellent insulation, making it much easier for you to control the temperature in your conservatory to your liking. There are several options available including roofs with clear and insulated panels, lightweight tiled roofs and roofs with lanterns.

Weathering and deterioration

An old conservatory will inevitably deteriorate over time but it’s often the case that the roof shows its age more quickly than the rest of the structure. Old polycarbonate roofs, in particular, can often look unattractive after years of weathering by rain, sun and frost. Polycarbonate was the material most often used in older conservatories but today, glass or tiled roofs are more popular choices. If the windows and doors are still in good condition, replacing the roof with one of the many options available today will breathe new life into your conservatory.

A change of material

Polycarbonate, glass or tiles: the three materials offer different benefits. Thanks to its affordability, polycarbonate continues to be a popular option and nowadays is available in solar versions. Glass looks fabulous and offers good noise reduction; the latest technological advances mean that glass offers much better insulation than in the past. A tiled roof offers the best levels of insulation and can also be combined with large glass panels to let the light flood in.

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Noise reduction

Rain drumming down on to a polycarbonate roof can create very high levels of noise. If you use your conservatory mainly as a garden room, this might not be a problem for you but if your conservatory is next to a living area, it can get far too noisy. Simply installing a tiled replacement roof or one made of glass eliminates the problem.

Forget about condensation and mould

A badly installed or poor quality roof will soon start leaking and creating problems with damp, condensation and mould. Install one of the latest high-tech replacement roofs and you won’t have to suffer these problems any longer. Even better, you don't have to replace like with like. You can give your conservatory a sleek modern look with an aluminium tiled roof or create an elegant ambience with a Victorian-style roof lantern.

Transforming your conservatory into an extension

If you need a living area, dining space or even an open plan kitchen you can use all year round, a tiled replacement roof may be the best option. Adding a solid roof to your existing conservatory is a quick way to gain the floor space of a conventional extension with much less trouble and expense. We can also update your electrics and plumbing should this be required.

Replacement conservatory roofs from Bergson & Eaton

If you’ve inherited a badly installed conservatory from the previous owners of your property, or if you’ve made the mistake of buying a cheap product that hasn’t lasted well, there’s not necessarily a need to replace the whole conservatory. Talk to our expert team who can advise you about giving your conservatory a new lease of life with a replacement roof.

At Bergson & Eaton, we have over 40 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing replacement roofs, windows and doors as well as bespoke conservatories and orangeries. You’re very welcome to visit our Aylesbury showroom where you can see the quality of our products or click here to make an appointment.

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