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How long will the delivery + installation of a new conservatory take?

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Planning a new conservatory or orangery is a very exciting project but it can also mean a considerable amount of upheaval in both your house and your garden, with builders, decorators and other tradesmen requiring access to your property for a period probably lasting several days or even weeks. Knowing what to expect at each stage of the process can help you to plan and minimise stress so we’ve taken a look at the installation of your new bespoke conservatory in a little more detail. 

The construction process

You may have been putting off the decision to install an orangery or conservatory because of the upheaval it will cause but our teams of professional, polite and experienced local fitters and builders work to the highest standards of craftsmanship throughout each stage of orangery and conservatory installation. This means that your project will be carried out as smoothly as possible while keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. 

To give you a realistic idea of the time scale for the job, an average sized orangery or conservatory will usually take three to four weeks to construct, when snagging - checking for any minor details that might need to be rectified - and finishing off is taken into account. If you’re planning a very large conservatory, the project could take up to six weeks. 

This can sound a bit daunting but at Bergson & Eaton, we have years of experience in providing a reliable and professional conservatory installation service, with over 20,000 very satisfied customers to prove it. All you have to do is to sit back and relax while we take care of everything. Carl Gunning, our manager, will visit regularly to inspect the project and check that everything is going smoothly and to your satisfaction. 

The construction process will begin with the team clearing the site, digging out the footings, laying the base layers and levelling the floor before starting to build the walls. At this stage, the work is usually left to settle for a day or two - over a weekend is ideal. 

During week two, you should really start to get a good impression of what your beautiful new conservatory will look like when it’s complete, as the frames are installed and glazed. At this stage, any electrical works required will also be started. 

Plastering follows next, as well as finishing off the electrical works and then your choice of flooring will be fitted. Depending on the time of year and the type of flooring you’ve chosen, it might be advisable to let the floor dry out for a couple of weeks before the flooring is installed. 


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How much disruption should you expect?

Probably, you’ll want to be around on the first day to meet with the team but after, that, there shouldn’t be any need for you to be there all the time. Obviously, it all depends on your particular situation but if you have easy side access and outside water and electricity are available, there shouldn’t be too many problems. 

You should be aware that your electricity will need to be switched off at certain times while any electrical work is being connected, although our tradesmen will endeavour to communicate this to you well in advance so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible. Your garden may also look a bit the worse for wear from the number of people walking across it: laying down boards during the daytime to protect the grass should minimise damage to your lawn. They should be removed at night to allow the grass to recover and your garden will soon be looking as good as ever - and you’ll be able to admire it from your stunning new conservatory. 

Insider tip: Experts say that customers are often surprised when the base is laid down and it appears smaller than they were expecting. There’s no need to panic - after the installation of the frame, it will appear much larger and many people are amazed that the space seems more generous than they had envisaged. 

Planning a new conservatory or orangery can seem a challenge but at Bergson & Eaton, our friendly and helpful team is here to offer advice and guidance at every step of the process. With more than 45 years' experience, we pride ourselves on our outstanding service, taking care of everything from applying for planning permission if required to design, manufacture and installation.

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