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FAQ: Building A Conservatory Or Orangery

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Conservatories and orangeries have increased in popularity over recent years. Conservatories were popular in the eighties as a cheap way to add extra room, it was on every DIYers jobs to aspire to. Not only did it add valuable space to a property, but the glass walls allowed homeowners to enjoy their garden whilst being protected by the elements. The problem with conservatories 30 years ago, was that they were often built with uPVC panneling and added little value to the home. Fast forward 20 years, and the conservatory unfairly had got itself a bad name.

Orangeries on the other hand, was something only the elite could enjoy. Used to grow tropical fruits and plants, an orangery was a symbol of social status, and made popular entertaining spaces. Often built from stone and timber, orangeries first rose to prominence in the UK back in the 17th century, they were the ultimate representation of a person's wealth. But when conservatories became popular, organgeries lost place in new builds and housing extensions... until now.

With the increase in housing prices nationwide, more and more homeowners are looking to extend their current home rather than upsize to a new home. With a wide array of sophisticated designs, and better materials, orangeries and conservatories are boosting in popularity, once again.

It's a more simple and flattering way to add more space onto the back of your home, whether for hosting dinner parties and entertaining, or as extra kitchen space. 

Two different style extensions that can be used all year round, not just the summer, both orangeries and conservatories benefit from advances in technology - where once they may have been boiling in the summer and cold in the winter - you can now enjoy the outside, inside, 365 days a year (especially if you choose to include under floor heating or tinted and coated glazing to help with heat retention). 

This page is designed to answer all your questions about building a new conservatory or orangery.  The topics covered include:

  • The difference between an orangery or a conservatory
  • Construction and Cost
  • Roofing and materials
  • Planning permission

But if you have any other questions that aren't answered in our FAQs, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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