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Choosing a colour for your front door

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Taking pride in the exterior appearance of your home gives your visitors a great initial impression of your property and your door colour is one of the first things they will notice. There’s an endless choice of front door styles, finishes and colours available and it can be more difficult than first appears to decide which is right for you. While your choice of colour is an expression of your personality and individual style, there are other factors to consider. Your front door should suit the architectural style of your home and you might also feel it should blend in with other houses in the surrounding area.

The building materials of your home

Most UK homes are constructed from stone or brick while contemporary homes might feature various exterior finishes such as timber or uPVC cladding. The neutral grey of many stone houses gives you free rein to choose almost any colour as they will all look good. The warm gold of Cotswold stone looks great with natural timber or pure white doors. Cream and soft green also go well.

If your home is brick-built, you’ll need to be a little more careful. Take a look at an artist's colour wheel and pick out shades on opposing sides as they'll always go well together. True brick reds look fabulous with teal blue and sea green, while black and white doors are traditional choices. If the brick is a softer pink, try ivory, white, or pale green, while yellow bricks look great with blue.

The architectural style of your property

Let history be your guide when choosing the perfect colour for your entrance door. Tudor and Georgian properties suit subtle shades of green or blue while Victorian terraced houses look fabulous with doors in the rich, glossy shades of olive green, Bordeaux or black that were popular in the 19th century. Rural cottages with half-timbered or rendered cob walls are best suited to white or pastel doors, as well as natural wood.

The colour of your other doors and windows

Replacing your front door is a quick and easy way to give your home a facelift but if your new door doesn’t tone in with your existing windows and doors, it can make the rest of your property look a little tired. By far the most popular colour for window frames in the UK is white, so this gives you maximum flexibility when choosing a door colour. However, if your windows are timber-framed or a darker colour such as the very popular granite grey, you’ll have to take this into account when choosing the colour for your entrance door.


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Your environment

A stylish front door gives your property what is often referred to as “kerb appeal” - the first impression a visitor receives. If you’re planning to put your property on the market or just want to give it a new look, the colour of your front is an important decision. Whether you live in a leafy green suburban street or on a busy urban road, the surroundings will affect your choice of colour. For instance, a strong colour such as red or marine blue will complement a townhouse perfectly while more subtle shades or natural hardwoods have a rustic appeal that suits a country cottage.

Express your personality

If you believe that the colour of your door gives a clue to your personality, you might be interested to know the results of research by paint manufacturers Dulux Weathershield:

• A black door - people think you’re enigmatic and command respect
• Pink - you have an original, playful personality
• Dark blue - you’re seen as intelligent
• Grey - you’re thought to be a sincere person
• Ivory - is seen as a sign of a peaceful home
• Yelllow - expresses a happy, welcoming, personality
• Red - is chosen by the most passionate homeowners!

Natural wood

If you can’t decide on which colour is right for you, you simply can’t go wrong with a real hardwood door. Timber doors suit any style of property - the rich tones and grain of the wood create a luxurious first impression and just need a coat of stain or varnish to bring out their natural beauty. And if you fancy a change, you can paint a wood door any colour you like.

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