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What are the material options for my new doors?

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Exterior doors are widely available in four different types of material: wood, uPVC, aluminium and composite or wood alternative. Traditionally, doors were constructed out of wood, usually oak or pine. They were first made from boards joined together, then in the 18th century, elegant panelled designs were introduced. Later still, glass was sometimes incorporated into the door, allowing light to flood into the house.

Timber is still one of the most popular materials for doors today and a bespoke hardwood timber door is equally suitable for a period property or a modern house. However, there are several other materials to choose from, each one offering its own advantages. To help you decide, we’ll take a look at the options for various types of doors in a little more detail.


Timber doors

Timber doors offer a classic, natural aesthetic that suits any type of property. Timber is usually the most expensive option but will keep its good looks for many years.

Wood is an excellent insulator and retains heat naturally, offering the lowest thermal conductivity of any door. Wood doors are widely considered to be the most beautiful and their timeless good looks will last for many years. However, they do require a little regular maintenance by varnishing or painting to protect them from weathering.

The timber used to construct doors is known as engineered wood, a very strong material: knots are removed and the grain is layered and bonded in different directions, making the wood much stronger and making problems such as bowing and warping a thing of the past.

Wood doors can be constructed from either hardwood such as mahogany and oak, or the less expensive softwoods such as pine - both make excellent materials for doors. Another advantage of wood is that it can be varnished or stained to bring out the natural beauty of the grain, or painted any colour you like.


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uPVC doors

uPVC is one of the UK’s most popular materials for doors and is available in a vast array of designs. Requiring very little maintenance to keep it looking good, it offers high performance at a very affordable price. uPVC will never flake rust, or rot and just needs an occasional wipe over with a damp cloth to keep it looking good. While classic white uPVC offers a streamlined, clean look that gives a great first impression of your home, today’s uPVC doors come in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any style of property. You can also opt for a two-colour door so that you can have a wood grain effect or a colour on the exterior and white on the inside.



Aluminium doors look superb in modern properties and are the perfect way to give your entrance doors that wow factor. Aluminium is low maintenance and weatherproof and comes in a wide range of powder-coated finishes to suit every taste. In the past, aluminium windows and doors have not offered good levels of insulation but the latest advances in thermal barrier technology meant that aluminium offers almost the same energy ratings as uPVC. Aluminium is very light but also very strong so is ideal for doors in a large expanse of glass.


Composite doors or wood alternative

Thanks to their combination of the appearance of real wood with the low maintenance advantages of uPVC, composite doors are one of the most popular types of doors with our customers. They offer high levels of security and never needing painting, staining or sanding. Composite front doors are constructed from a solid core of either high-density foam or timber which is then strengthened with a timber frame. This panel is then covered with a skin of GRP, a strong, weatherproof material also used for the underside of boats. Wood alternative doors are available in an array of very natural-looking woodgrain finishes as well as a palette of bold and heritage style colours.

Whether your home is a period property and you need to match a specific style of architecture, or you live in a conservation area, or if you are just looking for something a little different, we can design and construct bespoke front doors in the material of your choice that will really bring your dreams to life. We offer a range of security options for all our external doors so you and your family can feel safe and secure at all times.

At Bergson & Eaton, we offer bespoke doors in a comprehensive range of materials, finishes and colours, so you can create the perfect entrance to your home. Click the link below and scroll down to our design your dream door to create your perfect door. 


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