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Is your home ready for the winter?

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It only seems like yesterday that we were basking in the midsummer sunshine but now the leaves are falling, the temperature's dropping and the nights are darker and colder. It’s time to turn out those cosy coats and scarves and turn up the central heating. While it’s routine to prepare your car for winter with antifreeze and deicers, it’s also a good idea to get your property ready for the colder months. Checking that your windows and doors are winter ready will ensure that your home is a cosy, secure and safe place.

Tips for making sure your home is winter ready

It won’t be long before winter really sets in and cold temperatures, rain, ice and snow can not only make your home feel less cosy but can also cause serious damage. Whether your property is a contemporary new home or a period property, it’s worth making sure that your home is prepared for the winter. Our tips will help to ensure that you aren’t shivering through the colder months.

Winter windows

With light levels lower in winter, windows need to be clean so you get the maximum benefit of any sunshine we might see. Give your windows a thorough clean both inside and out to remove accumulations of dirt, and checking for any damage or problem areas that might need attention. Check all moving parts, locks and handles and apply a little lubrication to keep them working smoothly so that your home stays a secure, safe place when temperatures drop.

Conservatories and orangeries

If you have a conservatory or orangery, you should also clean all the glass and remove any build-up of grime, moss and leaves from the roof and gutters. Check the seals for any deterioration and get any problems fixed to stop rain getting in and causing damage.

Draught proofing

Cold air getting into your home will reduce its energy efficiency and lead to higher bills. To keep out the draughts that are prevalent in winter, doors should be protected with a draught excluder.

Cleaning gutters

Falling leaves and moss can quickly block gutters in the autumn. This can lead to water overflowing and causing damage to the structure of your property. If you’re not confident climbing ladders, it’s advisable to hire a professional for this task. At the same time, look out for any missing roof tiles and damage to roof lanterns that needs repairing.

More tips and tricks to keep cosy this winter

Once you’ve tackled any exterior cleaning and repairs, there are plenty of cheap and effective ways to make the most of the warmth, reduce your fuel bills and keep your home cosy in the coldest weather.

• Moving larger items of furniture away from your radiators allows heat to circulate more freely around the room.

• Investing in thicker curtains for the winter months is a simple way of adding an extra layer of insulation to your home. As well as considering heavyweight materials such as velvet, look out for curtains with thermal linings.

• Cosy woollen or fleece throws, blankets and cushions are not only great for snuggling up in, but also bring texture and warmth to your decor.

• A traditional electric blanket is perfect for keeping snug on the frostiest of winter nights and means you don’t necessarily have to heat the bedroom so much. If you sleep with a partner who prefers to be cooler or warmer than you like, many electric blankets come with dual controls so you can choose your perfect level of warmth.

• Top tip for winter doors: one of the main problem areas where heat can escape from your home is beneath the front and back doors. Use draught excluders to stop up any gaps.

Bergson & Eaton: the winter windows experts

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