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Wooden Windows Care

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Wood is one of the most luxurious materials for windows, bringing style, warmth and charm to any property. While wood windows are not the cheapest option to install, they are actually very good value for money because when properly cared for, they can easily last for 60 years. Wood is a natural insulator so is very good at retaining warmth and keeping noise out while its strength means that it is perfect for supporting triple glazing. At Bergson & Eaton, all our windows and doors are made from sustainable timber so are a very environmentally friendly choice. Our wooden windows come ready stained or varnished so will not need treating for several years, but eventually, they will need some attention if you are to avoid unnecessary window repairs. Follow our maintenance tips and your timber frames will serve you well for many years.

Cleaning wooden window frames

Keep your timber windows looking beautiful by cleaning the frames occasionally. First, remove any loose dust with a dry cloth. This gives you the chance to inspect the window frame for any signs of damage. Then add a few drops of washing up liquid to a bucket of warm water and use this solution to wash the window frames. Don’t be afraid to give it a good scrub. Rinse out the cloth in clean water and wipe the frames over again, then allow them to dry. You’ll probably need to clean the glass after this procedure: use a soft cloth and a standard glass cleaner or an E-cloth for this task.

Varnishing or staining your windows

  • If your windows are starting to look weathered or are flaking or peeling, this is a sign that they need painting or varnishing. Wood frames need to be watertight to reduce the risk of damp getting in and mould developing. Late summer is usually considered the best time of year to carry out any maintenance of so that you can be confident your windows are in good condition to withstand winter’s harsh weather; the mild weather in August and September also means that the stain or varnish you use will dry quickly.
  • To treat hardwood windows, remove any loose or flaking paint and lightly sand over the whole surface. Wash the frame to remove dust and allow it to dry then protect the edges of the glass with masking tape and remove all the hardware. Apply a coat of your chosen varnish, allow it to dry then gently sand again with 180 grit sandpaper. Then apply a final coat and remove the masking tape - if the varnish dries too hard, it may peel and crack when you remove the tape.

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  • Softwood windows may be stained and sealed and will need resealing every few years to protect them from the weather. A non-drip gel stain is easy to apply; if your windows are made of pine or another type of softwood, a pre-stain conditioner will help the stain to go on smoothly and evenly. Once the stain has dried, apply two coats of sealer with UV protection to help prevent the colour from fading. As previously, allow to dry then sand the sealer between coats as above.
  • Another advantage of timber frame window is that you can easily give the exterior of your home a completely new look by painting them a different colour. Use a weather-resistant microporous paint to protect them. As before, it’s essential to plan ahead as this type of window treatment must be done in fine weather before the winter’s rain and frost have a chance to penetrate the wood and damage it.

Prevent long term damage with our maintenance tips

Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule is the best way of avoiding expensive window repairs and should be carried out annually, ideally before winter sets in. As well as checking the window frames for weathering, the seal and the weather stripping should also be checked to make sure no moisture can enter. At the same time, oil the hinges, handles and locks to keep them working smoothly.

At Bergson & Eaton, our timber frame windows, doors and conservatories are amongst our most popular products. Our range includes windows in styles, shapes and sizes to suit every property and if you’re looking for something a bit different, we can create bespoke designs to bring your dreams to life. To work out how much it’s going to cost, call into our Aylesbury showroom for a cost calculator or contact us; our experts will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.


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