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Customer Stories: Windows In The Willows

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Not every property has easy access. Some may have restricted parking, or be way off the beaten track, others may be across a bridge and in the middle of a lake… but don’t imagine for a moment that such issues will easily prevent Bergson & Eaton from bringing their high quality service to you and your interestingly placed home.

Back in the late summer of 2016 we faced what was probably one of the most unusual access situations we have ever encountered. We were tasked with replacing the doors and windows for a commercial installation in Oxford, something that would not usually even raise an eyebrow in the Bergson & Eaton office. However, we quickly learned that things were not as simple as they initially appeared – as our only method of access would be what many would consider a recreational past-time, or as Ratty would put it, “there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”


Yes, that’s right; in order to access the rear of the house we had to transfer all the frames and glass across the Thames by boat!

Whilst it is true that the natural environment for a window installer is his van and they can become disorientated, apprehensive and uncomfortable when separated from their comfort zone by the relentless flow of a wide and meandering river, our fitters were up to the challenge! The first issue we came across is something we don’t usually need to consider (because out vans are designed with carrying doors and windows in mind) was would the doors even be able to fit into the boat? Luckily, when we arrived, we were presented with a barge! Plenty of space for doors and windows. 

It only took one careful trip to get all the kit over, and it was done precariously so; not just to make sure that the windows and doors got over dry but trying to get the installer over without falling in was a problem to overcome in itself! Nevertheless, the job was completed to our usual high standards and customer satisfaction.

In summary: Don’t take a punt on an installer who won’t take a punt for you, and we’ll always take a punt for you.

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